Calling postgraduate and early career researchers - Peer Reviewers Needed!

April 10, 2017


Networking Knowledge is looking for experts across all areas of media, communications and cultural studies to join its board of peer reviewers. You will get hands-on experience of the peer reviewing process and be part of this dynamic and multi-disciplinary journal. Members of the board of peer reviewers are required to write a single page report on articles that relate to their specific research interest(s) and make a recommendation as to its suitability for publication. It is a 'double blind' process so both authors and reviewers remain anonymous.

If you are already a member of the board, of peer reviewers, could you please contact the editor to update contact details and areas of expertise if they’ve changed in the last two years?

All postgraduate and early career researchers who would like to be involved in encouraging cutting edge and high standard scholarship in this open access online journal are invited to apply. This is a voluntary position. If you are interested, please send the following information to the Journal Editor, Patricia Prieto-Blanco at patriciaprietoblanco AT gmail DOT com

 •Your name

•Your institutional affiliation/s (if applicable)

•Your position (e.g. PhD candiate, lecturer, etc.)

•Your current e-mail address/es

• 5 key words identifying your areas of expertise (no need to mention ‘media, ‘communications’ or ‘culture’!)