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Focus and Scope
Focus and Networking Knowledge is an e-journal published by the MeCCSA-Postgraduate Network. The Network brings together around 400 postgraduate and early-career researchers in the fields of media, communications, and cultural studies. The aim of Networking Knowledge is to provide a space where the best work of this thriving postgraduate community can be showcased.
Supported by the MeCCSA-PGN Executive Committee, Networking Knowledge aims to publish at least one issue per year based on work arising from the annual MeCCSA-PGN Conference. Further specifically-themed issues - featuring contributions from guest editors - are published throughout the year in order to cater for more specific research interests.
Although only featuring the work of postgraduate and early-career researchers, Networking Knowledge aims to encourage open debate across all levels of scholarship.

Privacy Statement
The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Networking Knowledge Inhouse Style Guidelines

Size: A4 paper 

[Margins Top 0.98” Bottom 0.98” Right 1.18” Left 1.18” Gutter 0” Gutter Position Left]

[Header and Footer 0.59” from top 0.59” from bottom Page Number Middle, Arial 12, bold]

Title of Paper [Arial 20 pt, bold, line spacing single]

AUTHOR FORENAME(S) AUTHOR SURNAME [Arial 12 pt], Author affilitation [Arial 12 pt, italic, justified, line spacing single]

ABSTRACT [ALL CAPS Arial 12 pt bold line spacing single] Abstract Body Text - Times New Roman 12 pt, justified, multiple line spacing 1.15 

KEYWORDS [ALL CAPS Arial 12 pt bold line spacing single] Five keywords, Times New Roman 12 pt, justified, multiple line spacing 1.15, snap to grid when document grid defined

Storytime [Subheadings Arial 12 pt bold, justified, line spacing single]

[Article Body Text Times New Roman 12 pt, justified, multiple line spacing 1.15, snap to grid when document grid defined]

[Proper Nouns except from Authors in Italics for example] 24 January 2013 Twitter launched the video app Vine for the iPhone and iPod touch; an android version followed 3 June of the same year (Hofmann 2013a; Haider 2013).[1]

[1] [Footnotes times new roman, 10pt, justified, spacing 6 before 6 after, single line spacing]

Links to access reference online should have URLs ready to click (e.g., http://www.eldeseo.es/en/)

Quotations - [Long embedded quotations singles quote marks ‘’ Times New Roman 12pt, justified, indentation left 0.59” right 0.59”, spacing 6pt before 6pt after, line spacing single] [Quote marks within a quotation should be double quote marks “”] Ellipses added by article author to a quotation should be in square brackets […]

In-text citations “[(Author(s) surname (s)] [Year], [page number])” – e.g.: (Clover 1992, 53). Note: do not include ‘p.’ or ‘pp.’; and do not place comma between author surname and year; do not place a colon anywhere in an in-text citation. If the author is mentioned outside of brackets, use full name on first mention and surname only thereafter. If cited in brackets, surname only. If author has been mentioned in the same sentence, citation should not include author’s surname – e.g.: Carol Clover asks whether males can identify with ‘screen females in fear and pain’ (1992, 5). If source is by more than three authors, in-text citations (whether in brackets or not) should refer to “[first author] et al.”

References [Subheadings Arial 12 pt bold, justified, line spacing single] In References list names before date should be formatted ‘[surname], [initial].’ e.g., Aron, A.P. In References list names after date should be formatted ‘[initial]. [surname]’ e.g., A.P. Aron In References list include ‘p.’ or ‘pp.’ only for book chapters. E.g. Hipfl, B. / Hug, T. (2006) ‘Introduction: Media Communities – Current Discourses and Conceptional Analyse’, in B. Hipfl, T. Hug (eds), Media Communities. Münster: Waxmann, pp. 9-32

Please follow the Harvard guide to cite broadcasts. The only modification you need to do is to write the year of broadcast within brackets. More information here: http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm

If Images are to be included, please ensure:

  • Copyright is covered by ‘fair use’, you hold copyright or you have obtained written permission to use
    the image(s)
  • Supply copyright owner’s name and brief caption
  • Image resolution should be 300dpi (no more and no less)