Seniors, iTV and content about Social Services: Clarifying the relationship

  • Mariana Carlos University of Aveiro, Aveiro
  • Telmo Silva University of Aveiro, Aveiro
Keywords: elderly, interactive television, iTV, digital television, social services


Over the years, television has been seen as a means of enriching human development. The technological evolution of this means of communication has led broadcasters to deliver more attractive and diversified contents. Hence, traditional broadcasting has evolved from the traditional passivity to the granting of a participatory role for viewers, creating a new paradigm – Interactive Television. Senior citizen viewers are great consumers of television and represent a considerable portion of people, who can take advantage of the interactivity potentialities. Most of the time, changes in social services take too long to reach senior citizens due to their technological, sensory or cognitive limitations, which tend to occur with the aging process. In this exploratory study, the research team aims to find principles for the development of content about social services, considering iTV potential and the limitations of senior citizens’ viewers. To accomplish this goal, the research team developed audiovisual content, videos regarding social services with different approaches on technological aspects. The evaluation of its effectiveness was by means of inquiry with direct questions on the material that was showcased.

March 24, 2017
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Carlos, M., & Silva, T. (2017). Seniors, iTV and content about Social Services: Clarifying the relationship. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, 10(1), 64–75.